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Private Aircraft Maintenance and Management: Voyager Can Set You Free

Owning your own private aircraft can be the ultimate expression of freedom, especially if you let Voyager Jet Aircraft Management handle the unrelenting responsibility of rigorous aircraft maintenance, flight crew scheduling, fiscal management, and FAA regulatory oversight.

Our aircraft maintenance and management services are leading performers in Pittsburgh. When you trust your jet to Voyager, you get more than 150 years of combined industry expertise to service, detail, manage and care for your investment. And you get the peace-of-mind knowing that we'll take care of the aircraft business so you can focus on your day job.

We are the region's trusted private aviation advisor – always here, always on the job. Voyager's professional and highly experienced team of managers, pilots and schedulers stand ready to help you get the most out of your aircraft – whether it's generating additional revenue to your bottom line from our charters or ensuring that your private aircraft is maintained to the highest safety standards.

Try our turnkey approach. Voyager's Aircraft Management translates into lower costs, additional revenue, greater efficiency, reduced liability and enhanced safety – all without the responsibility of having to worry about operational, administrative and human resource issues.

Maximize Your Valued Investment With:

  • Full-service flight operation at a fraction of the cost of an in-house department.
  • Revenue generation (defrayed costs) through our highly productive leaseback Private Air Charter program.
  • Access to some of the most deeply experienced personnel in the industry and Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Meticulous aircraft maintenance, safety and operational oversight.
  • Aircraft upgrades and built-in aircraft and flight crew redundancy.
  • Leveraged discounts on fuel, hangar fees, insurance, training, maintenance and more.
  • Dedicated flight crew selection, standardization, training and scheduling.
  • Fiscal budgeting and asset management.
  • FAA regulatory oversight, compliance and documentation support.

Voyager Jet private aircraft management handles everything for you

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